Sunday 16 January 2022 – Registration Day

With just a few days until the start of the VERO International Festival of Historic Motoring we wish you a safe and trouble- free journey to New Plymouth.

Here are some tips to make registration on Sunday as stress free as possible.

Registrations will open in the Racecourse La Mer lounge from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday. The racecourse and the TSB Stadium use a common entrance off Rogan Street

On arrival – please follow the instructions of the parking marshals. If you have a genuine need for a disability park, please let the marshals know.

All registered persons in your vehicle MUST attend registration to ensure their vaccination pass is scanned and to allow all to complete the registration process.

Registration Process

  • follow arrows on the signs which have a R on them, these will guide you to the registration area
  • before entering the registration area you are required to have your vaccination pass scanned, so, please have these ready to avoid congestion at the entrance
  • once scanned please proceed to registration and pick up your Festival Pack which will contain your name tag
  • areas to pick up your pack will be clearly marked with initials of the entrants’ surname, for example, if your surname is Adams then go to the line marked A. All registered people must pick up their own name tag as this is your passport to the entire event and must be worn at all times.
  • once this is completed, and you are wearing your name tag,  if you had ordered merchandise go to the merchandise area
  • please do not loiter in registration area as we want to keep this area flowing smoothly.

The opening ceremony will commence in the TSB Stadium at 4.30 pm and conclude with a with a short briefing. The stadium will be open from 3:45pm for a 4:30 start. Please be seated by 4.20pm

  • At the conclusion of the opening function, at approximately 5.30pm, entrants can continue to socialise prior to dining out in town or elsewhere

Remember to use the QR tracer scan at all locations and wear masks where applicable.

The first edition of PEAK NEWS will be available. Make sure you pick up a copy of this each day to keep up to date with festival news, embarrassing tales and general nonsense. Tony Haycock is the editor of this so be on guard.

Late registrations

La Mer Lounge will be open for late registrations on Monday 17th January from 8am until 10:00am.

It’s quite simple,

  • vaccination scan
  • mask [please wear]
  • festival pass


On each of the motoring days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) your day will start from either Devon Street East or Devon Street West and have the option of a short or a long run.  As we don’t want to disrupt early traffic, no vehicles will leave from the TSB Stadium (racecourse) in the morning. There is no set time to depart from New Plymouth (morning) each day. However, you will be given a time when you will need to be at the lunch stop/ destination as well as an estimated travel time.

We have deliberately introduced flexible start times so that you have time if you want to stop and admire any of the attractions along the way.


The Destinations


Monday 17  Destination Tikorangi

As the crow flies Tikorangi is not far from New Plymouth, however you will not be travelling as the crow flies. The lunch stop at Tikorangi will allow you to meet old friends, make new friends and enjoy this part of Taranaki. A very scenic drive taking in the magnificent new Rewa Rewa and historical Bertrand bridges plus the Tarata Tunnel.

Along the way you will learn about some local history including the Māori Wars, and the Oil and Gas industry.

The afternoon is a reasonably short run back to New Plymouth, where you will finish at the TSB Stadium and light refreshments will be available.


Tuesday 18 January Competitive day.

This is an optional event. The competitive aspect is timing only. There will be separate routes for the following classes of vehicles. Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage, Post War. P60’s, P80’s, Motorcycles and Commercials. The starting points for these routes are separate and will be from places of interest.

These routes will be unique to the Competitive Day and will not traverse the other motoring day runs.

If you prefer, you can have a rest day today or take time out to enjoy the sites of Taranaki.


Wednesday 19 January Destination Opunake

The coastal town of Opunake is our destination and lunch stop. We are hoping that  the main street will be closed for us to park our vehicles, although  as this  is the main highway, the road closure has yet to be confirmed.

From Opunake we head back to New Plymouth via some very unique historical sights, Parihaka and the East Cape lighthouse, the Oaonui on shore Natural Gas site plus the magnificent Pukeiti garden or the Korver Molloy art Gallery in the old Okato Cheese factory.


Thursday 20 January Destination Stratford / Whangamomona

There are three routes today. Stratford is the destination for the short and medium routes. For the more motorable vehicles, the independent Republic of Whangamomona is the place for you and will afford you the longest day’s motoring you will have. Today, while you have time to see the sights, its not a day to dawdle as at the end of this day we have something different for you, a Street Party in Inglewood .


Street Party, Thursday 20  4pm – 8pm – Inglewood.

We are thrilled to have had the Inglewood First group approach us to host us for this event.

They have a long history in this format of event and have done so annually for many years. The main street will be closed, marquees set up for refreshments and food. Other attractions include live entertainment and photo opportunities. This will be a memorable night,  a great opportunity to promote our club, and something you will remember and talk about for many years.


Friday 21 January  Destination Hawera

Hawera is the southernmost destination. Your run to Hawera will give you some options to see different attractions along the way, Stratfords Glockenspiel, Dawson Falls or Normanby’s fabulous Tawhiti Museum. Hawera is our lunch stop and the main street will be closed for us to park or cars and support the local shops.

The afternoon covers a wide variety of terrain. Some of this is quite hilly and so there are alternative routes to accommodate lower powered vehicles.

Be back in New Plymouth in time to spruce up, ready for the Festival Finale.

Note: There are some gravel roads along these Routes. Where we can we have given alternative sealed options.