Exploring New Zealand’s Best Driving Roads

New Zealand is a country with stunning landscapes, breathtaking views, and a rich culture. Its winding roads, rolling hills, and majestic mountains make it a paradise for driving enthusiasts. From the curvy, scenic drives to the challenging off-road tracks, New Zealand has it all.

In this article, we will explore some of the best driving roads in New Zealand that offer the perfect combination of thrill, adventure, and stunning views.

  1. State Highway 6 (SH6) – Queenstown to Wanaka

Starting from Queenstown, SH6 is a 65 km long stretch of road that takes you to the scenic town of Wanaka. The road takes you through some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking landscapes, including Lake Wakatipu, the Crown Range, and the Cardrona Valley.

  1. Arthur’s Pass – Christchurch to Greymouth

Arthur’s Pass is a mountain pass in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand. The road takes you through spectacular scenery, including the Otira Viaduct and the Arthur’s Pass National Park.

  1. Milford Road – Te Anau to Milford Sound

The Milford Road is a 120 km long stretch of road that takes you from the town of Te Anau to Milford Sound. The road takes you through the Fiordland National Park, offering stunning views of the mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls.

  1. The Forgotten World Highway – Stratford to Taumarunui

The Forgotten World Highway is a remote, winding road that takes you through the stunning Taranaki region of New Zealand. The road takes you through the scenic mountains, rugged landscapes, and rolling hills.

  1. Crown Range Road – Queenstown to Wanaka

The Crown Range Road is a 50 km long road that takes you from Queenstown to Wanaka. The road takes you through the Crown Range, offering breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, and lakes.

There you have it, New Zealand is a country that is meant to be explored by car. Its stunning landscapes, challenging roads, and scenic routes offer the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the country in all its glory. Whether you are a seasoned driver or a casual traveler, there is something for everyone in New Zealand’s best driving roads. So pack your bags, grab your car keys, and embark on a journey on the open road.

Motoring Events in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty. It is also a country with a thriving motoring culture, hosting a variety of motoring events throughout the year. From classic car shows to high-octane motorsport races, there is something for every petrolhead in New Zealand.

One of the most popular motoring events in New Zealand is the Leadfoot Festival. Held annually in Hahei on the Coromandel Peninsula, the Leadfoot Festival is a celebration of all things motorsport. The festival is the brainchild of Kiwi racing legend Rod Millen, who built a private racetrack on his property in Hahei. The festival features a wide range of vehicles, from classic cars and motorcycles to high-performance racing cars and even off-road vehicles. Attendees can watch the action from the sidelines or take part in the event themselves, with opportunities for hillclimbs and time trials.

Another must-see event for motorsport enthusiasts is the New Zealand Grand Prix. This historic race has been held since 1950 and is the oldest motorsport event in New Zealand. The race is part of the Toyota Racing Series and attracts drivers from all over the world. The Grand Prix is held at the Manfeild Circuit in Feilding, which is considered one of the best racing circuits in the country.

For fans of classic cars, the Beach Hop is an event not to be missed. Held in Whangamata on the Coromandel Peninsula, the Beach Hop is a celebration of all things vintage. The event features a range of classic cars, hot rods, and motorcycles, as well as live music and other entertainment. Attendees can also take part in a range of activities, including cruises along the beach, car shows, and burnout competitions.

In addition to these major events, New Zealand also hosts a variety of smaller-scale motorsport events throughout the year. These include autocross races, drag racing events, and car shows. One popular event is the Chrome Expression Session, held in Christchurch. This event features a range of custom-built cars and motorcycles, as well as live music and other entertainment.

Overall, New Zealand is a fantastic destination for motoring enthusiasts. With a wide range of events held throughout the year, there is always something exciting happening for petrolheads. Whether you are a fan of classic cars, high-speed racing, or off-road adventures, there is sure to be an event that will get your motor running.